What to expect on Sunday Morning


We come together for worship fellowship at 9:15 am, and 06:00 pm every Sunday. The morning service is a relaxed but traditional service and is attended by the majority of members.  The evening service is run by members of the church and is quite informal. So, make yourself at home. Each service is a little different. We joke that they are like the story of the three bears. You can try them out and find the one that feels "just right" to you. 

Here's a helpful list of what you can expect to experience when you visit on Sundays from when you pull into the parking lot, getting around the church, following along in worship, and the all-important coffee and chat after the service (evening services have a shared meal after most services).


We have two parking areas at the church: a large main lot right in front of the church (enter from Goldner Circuit), and one opposite the school in Conley Drive. These are quite secure and well lit. There are a number of handicapped parking spaces in each lot near the entrance to the church.

The nearest local bus stop is located near the church in Kingsford Smith Drive, between the Community Centre and the Church itself.


When you enter the church through the main entrance off the car park, you’ll enter the lobby area. You’ll see people milling about, a kitchen, and signs with church news and information about upcoming events and programs. Bathrooms are on the right just past the kitchen. 

Worship Services

Worship happens in the main sanctuary. Sit anywhere.  This is an auditorium that is used for many activities (e.g. the annual fete, organ recitals, concerts, dances, yoga, and a variety of meetings etc.), so the seating is flexible and the acoustics effective for this octagonal shaped auditorium.

Our services include readings from the Bible and a message from the Minister.

We have Communion (shared recognition of Christ's Last Supper) every first Sunday at 09:15 am.  Everyone is welcome to receive Communion.

Everything you need to follow along with the worship services is either printed or projected on the wall in the worship centre. All the parts of the service are clearly laid out and the Minister provides additional guidance and explanation throughout the service.

Sunday School and Young Adults

Children and families are most welcome and included in the service. 

There is an area specially reserved for all aged children along with activities during the service.

If your child will be coming to church for the first time, please make yourself known to the Minister or to those welcoming you at the door. 

There are special activities for children around Easter and Christmas and, whilst these are more targeted at Primary aged children, all can participate and parents/helpers are most welcome to assist.


At both services, the main musical instrument is piano, although this is supplemented by a band at times.  The organ is used at times too.

Words are projected on the wall or provided via a songbook. Feel free to sing along or just listen and enjoy.

Pastoral Care and crisis support

North Belconnen has a desire to help those under stress or marginalised in our community. 

For help, please contact the Minister for confidential support.

Activity Groups

You are most welcome to join in with the various groups that operate during the week.  Details of these are available on the news sheet and the detailed web page (http://melbauniting.org.au/index.html )

After the service

We'd love you to stay around after the Sunday Service, share great coffee and chat with us. If you're new to Church make yourself known to our welcomers (you would have seen them at the beginning of the service) and we would love to give you more information about our Church.